Herbstsemester 2018

Musikvermittlung / Music in Context - Programm Herbstsemester 2018

'for your ears only'
Konzertformate im Zeichen des Megatrends Re-Lokalisierung

Wahlkurs ‘Salon- und Kellerkonzertchen’ (BYM WAK0):
Mo, 16- 18h, O 103 / 141 and external venues
We are experimenting with staging concerts in private spaces. This is our response to one of the megatrends for 2030: relocalisation. As a counter-movement to globalisation and digitalisation, a new emphasis is being placed on the physical, local, home-made, private and small-scale.

Forschungstoolbox ‘off stage’ (MYY T035):
Mo – Fr, 12.-16.11., GKS
Artistic mentor for this Toolbox Week is the well-known pianist Marino Formenti, who likes to experiment with pioneering formats at and beyond the limits of performance practice: Experience music in a different way by questioning the relationship between performer and listener

Focus Day ‘for your ears only’ (with special guest Marino Formenti):
Fr, 11.1., 9-15h in GKS
Students and guests will come together at a special event to present their concepts, expertise and the results of the course. It is also planned to create a platform so that ideas can be pursued further, and to create a network for the people and projects involved

Marino Formenti am Festival di Terni Foto: Tommaso Chimenti